Archery Stabilizer Weight Formula [You Should Know]


Nowadays, stabilizers used in archery are mostly related to the dampening of vibrations. It really depends on the deadly feel offered by the bow for the stabilizing quality you obtain with stabilizers. Despite most people use stabilizers for vibration dampening, it isn’t the only thing they are used for. They might help in decreasing the rate of vibration, but it doesn’t do anything to change the accuracy of the bow. If you are watching an archery video, you’ll easily notice an arrow 10 yards beyond the bow when you hear the vibration produced by the shot. To achieve the perfect shot using stabilizer, the archery stabilizer weight formula will surely help you.

Stabilizers also help you to improve the accuracy in archery, and it isn’t just in a single form, but two different forms. In this guide, we’ll be presenting you with all the major information regarding the bow stabilizer weight formula. By the end of this article, you’ll also find out several things to look for while buying and setting up a stabilizer.

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How Does Having A Stabilizer Help In Archery?

Archery Stabilizer Weight FormulaArchery stabilizers are seated on the back of the riser by screwing them through a threaded hole under the grip. Most of the bows in recent time are designed in such a way that they already possess an accessory hole at the proper place. Now, the thing comes on how having a stabilizer helps in archery. Stabilizers are able to perform a lot of different tasks with your bow.

Damping Vibration

Stabilizers can dampen the level of vibration produced when you create a shot with your bow. They help in the reduction of shock you can feel on your hand at the grip, which results in a more silent bow. Stabilizers can also balance your bow by changing the weight under the grip, which allows the bow to get up for offering a significant level of accuracy while producing shots.

Bow Torque

Stabilizers also combat the bow torque, which means they offer some weight in front of the bow to resist the torque that can be produced in the riser once you have released your bowstring. They also help you in aiming at the proper target before shooting.


You might be wondering how they improve the accuracy of your bow. In fact, stabilizers help you to improve the accuracy in the form of two different improvements. The first one is the mechanical improvement, which allows you to aim at the target with improved stability. Here your groups will be tighter if you are holding your bow tightly, which really helps you to improve the accuracy of your shot. On the other hand, the mental improvement offered by the stabilizers helps you to relax your bow properly. The mental improvement can change the way you aim and shoot at the target.

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Archery Stabilizer Weight Formula

The formula to find out the weight of the rear rod is simple. You just need to know the length of your long rod, the weight on its tip and the length of your rear rod. The first thing you need to do is to multiply the length of your long rod with the weight on its tip and finally, you have to divide the result by the length of your rear rod.

With that being done, you will be able to calculate a reliable basis for tuning your stabilizer setup all by yourself. However, you might find out a large increment in the weight, and if you find, you need to increase the extra weight slowly. Increasing the extra weight quickly might result in the damage of your rod.

Fancy An Example?

For example, if you have a 32 inches rod along with a side rod of 12 inches and the tip of the long rod weighs 5 oz. Now, you need to do; 32″ X 5 oz = 160″oz. Then, you can divide it by 12″ to get 13.33oz. You can round it up to 14oz since several rods are available with 1oz increment. In this case, if you think 14oz is very heavy, you might want to use even long rods so that you will be able to reduce the weight. The same formula can be used if you require the same leverage against the torque with a lightweight rod.

Remember! Twice the distance, half the weight.

How To Setup Stabilizer For Archery?

Setting up a stabilizer for archery isn’t too difficult as you might be thinking. However, you need to look for a proper stabilizer for your bow. Here is everything you need to do to set up a stabilizer for archery.

Getting Started

Trophy Ridge Bow StabilizerFirst, you need to set up your bow properly as you used to do before shooting. The sight needs to be on along with a quiver seated on your bow as well as the arrow rest and the other pieces of equipment. Also, you need to make sure that you have a well-relaxed bow hand. You won’t be able to set up the stabilizer when you have a death grip on your bow.

You might be want to hold your bow right in front of you without drawing it back and keep staring at it to know whether it is tilting, falling forward, leaning to any of sides or not. While setting up your stabilizer, you need to make sure about every motion your bow takes in its natural form.

If you have a bow with a 27″ of the front rod, it might hold more level from the front to the back. That means it doesn’t need a lot of front weight. In case of a 30″ inch front rod, the rod might tilt up to 180 degrees. In such cases, you might want to add some weight on the front.

Placing The Stabilizers

Aluminum Bow StabilizerWhen you are sure about every motion of your bow after its proper setup, you might want to get started with the placing of stabilizers. It is better to have around a couple of stabilizers for your bow for better performance. A long front rod along with a short side rod would work the best. This is because they would help in balancing your scope and stabilizing the energy of your bow after throwing a shot.

Side Rod

It is better to start out with the side rod level with the front rod. If there is a mount at the bottom of the riser, it is good to mount your side rod over the riser so that you will be able to separate the planes where both rods will be working on. Doing this will pull off larger torque from your shots for improved accuracy.

Weight Adjustment

When you have properly attached the stabilizers, you need to look at whether the weight is off of the stabilizers or not. Then, you can hold the bow like you do while shooting to determine its reaction. If you want your bow to be stable from the front to the back and the side to the sad in your hand, you can add some weight as well. You can start adding weight from the location where there is a severe angle.

If you leave your side rod with no weight, add up some front weight to make the bow stable and finally add some weight to the sidebar to stabilize it from the left to right, your bow might lean back. In this case, you can add some weight on the front so that it will be well-balanced.

With that being done, you’ve now properly set up the stabilizers on your bow. When you are done with this, you might also want to fine tune the weights and angles for even better performance. Every time you are using your bow with stabilizers, you need to adjust your body for the stabilizers. By that way, you will be able to feel more comfortable after every shot with your bow due to the weight you’ve added on it.


Precautions While Setting Up Stabilizers For Archery

Here are few safety precautions you need to take while setting up stabilizers for archery:

  • You should unload your bow before getting started.
  • Get stabilizers that are compatible with your bow
  • You shouldn’t try setting up stabilizers without properly setting up the bow first.
  • Make sure that your bow is well-functioning and not damaged.
  • You shouldn’t put any valuable items nearby while setting up the stabilizers.
  • It is better to keep a cellphone with you so that you can call someone if something wrong happens.
  • You should be aiming in an open area.


How To Buy Stabilizer For Archery?

While buying a stabilizer for archery, you need to know about several things. You also need to be sure about the information you know about your bow’s specifications is totally correct to prevent any issues later on. Here are some tips that will help you to choose a stabilizer for archery.

Length of Stabilizer

The length of the stabilizer isn’t fixed at an exact point and it’s all upon you on what you prefer. Getting a 6″ stabilizer would be the perfect choice if you don’t hunt staying more than 20 yards away from the target. However, 30″ stabilizer would work the best if you usually participate in target shooting competitions with the targets being over 75 meters away.

No matter what length you choose, you need to know that the stabilizer will be able to resist more bow torque if it is longer and vice-versa. Also, to obtain maximum stability, the best place is against the bow at the end for the bulk of the weight.

Side Rods

Side rods help to stabilize your bow by increasing the weight behind the bow’s riser. It isn’t mandatory to add side rods, and it is also all upon you. With side rods existing on the opposite side of the bow from the quiver, you will be able to prevent the weight of bow-mounted quiver.

If you are participating in shooting tournaments, you might want to use a single side rod. However, getting one rod for each side can also help you to make your bow more steady with the use of a V-bar while aiming.

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Getting a stabilizer for your bow isn’t compulsory. But, if you get one, you might be able to experience increased stability of your bow. Choosing the best stabilizers really depend on the length and side rods. Also, it depends on the location and type of target.

Setting up a stabilizer for archery might be very easy as mentioned above. But still, you need to take some precautions for your own safety. The only thing you need to do if you are planning to get stabilizer is to look for the one that suits your requirements.

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