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Best long gun safe for the moneyAll the gun owners love their guns and even they’re too passionate about it. Don’t you believe us? According to the ATF, the number of gun users and sales increased and still increasing insanely. Even though it’s nearly impossible to count the number, but we can guess it’s a significant number. It proves how fascinated we’re about guns thus, it raises the concerns of having the best long gun safe for the money.

As we’re in love with guns, it’s essential to save it from burglars, thieves, your over-excited friend, and children. We know how you feel when your noob desperate friend touches your gun or if you’ve children then you always have a fear with you. It because, if your baby found your gun then he can break it for the shoot with it or he can even harm himself.

In the scenario, the solution is, keeping the gun in a safe place and lock it. However, you can’t keep your weapon in your closet because it’s easily breakable and it’s not secure and good for your gun. For holding your long gun safely, you need a gun safe.

Once you decide to get a gun safe, another question occurs, and that is, which one you should take? That’s why we come forward to help you and solve your problem. In the article, we reviewed some best gun safes for your long gun and one for your short rifles.

So, let’s solve your problem! What say?

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Why do you need a gun safe?

Gun SafesBefore jumping to the reviews, we think you should know more about a gun safe and its necessity. So, here are some main reasons why you should get a gun safe.

Protection From Thieves

None wants to lose his weapon, not even you! Besides emotional attachment, if the burglar steals your gun and uses it in criminal activities, then you’re in a big problem. As the consequences, you can even land up in prison. For protecting it from burglars, you need a gun safe.

Safekeeping From Children

It’s of the most crucial reason behind getting a safe. As you know how dangerous it is and if your children your gun he can harm himself or others. We saw, how children killed themselves accidentally with firearms. You can’t control your child as they’re too naughty and they don’t understand how bad it is! So, for the sake of your child, get a gun safe, keep your weapons in it and lock it.


In some states of America, if you own a gun and have children then you’ve to get a gun safe. The law is made for you and your child safety. So, if you don’t want to break any law then get it now. J Even if you don’t have any child in your house, you still have to get a safe for your neighbors and house members’ safety.

Insurance Discount

We all know, how expensive insurances are. However, if you have a best and high-quality gun safe, then you can get discounts from insurance companies.

Safekeeping of Valuable Guns

We don’t know what will happen within an hour. For the reason, we should always stay prepared. In any kind of accident, (like fire and etc.) anything can happen with your favorite and expensive gun. So, get a gun safe which will keep your gun safe in any condition.

We hope, now you know how essential a gun safe is! So, without wasting more time, let’s jump into the recommendation section!


[SAVE YOUR TIME] The Best Long Gun Safe For You

Stack-On E-040-SB-E Elite Junior Executive Fire Safe with Electronic Lock, 3 shelves, Matte Black/Silver
69 Reviews
Stack-On E-040-SB-E Elite Junior Executive Fire Safe with Electronic Lock, 3 shelves, Matte Black/Silver
  • Includes 3 adjustable shelves
  • Electronic lock includes operational lights for open, low battery warning and incorrect entry
  • Black powder coat paint finish; door is silver gray with black silk-screen
  • Fastening hardware is included with each safe
  • Fully carpeted interior


Best Long Gun Safe For The Money

ProductBest FeaturePrice
Stack-On Elite Junior Executive SafeCheap in price

Fire-resistant Electric lock

Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun SafeAffordable


Fire resistance (up to 60 minutes)

Steelwater Heavy Duty 22 Long Gun SafeDrill-resistant

EMP Proof

Huge space inside

Blue Dot Second Amendment SafesAvailable with anchoring holes

Drill resistant

Large storage up to 24 guns

Steelwater 39  long gun SafeFire resistant


Big in width and length

BIGHORN 19ECB Gun SafeToo secure



Liberty Safe & Security Fat Boy JuniorUnbelievable defensive protection

Made with fire insulating material

It can store up to 64 guns.

For every beginner and sometimes for experts choosing a safe became the biggest problem. For the reason, we came forward to help you out!

In this section, we reviewed the top seven best safes of the market. We personally used it and then we’re sharing our experience with you. So, these reviews aren’t unbiased. So, without further due, let’s get started!


Stack-On Elite Junior Executive Safe

Are you looking for the cheapest gun safe of our list? If it goes with you, then you don’t have to scroll down anymore. Here is the most affordable recommendation of our list. Also, considering the features, it is also one of the best long gun safes that will not hurt your bank much.

It is Stack-On’s elite junior executive safe which is known as a small beast in the market. It is small in size, but it has all the features a high-end safe should have. However, we should remind you that, it’s not a long gun safe. It’s quite small in size so you can’t keep any long gun in it. Instead of rifles, you can easily keep your small arms in it.

So, let’s see what’s this small beast has to offer us!

Stack-On Elite Junior Executive Safe

Salient Features

  • The safe comes with three standard size shelves which are adjustable. So, you can personalize it according to your wish.
  • It is fire-resistant. The safe can survive around 30 minutes in 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It also has fire retardant feature. Which means if the temperature increases around the safe for fire the safe will seal the safe.
  • The safe holds a four-way action bolt, and it makes it drill-resistant and pry-resistant. So, none can break it through drilling.
  • Now let’s talk about the electric look. It has a simple electronic lock, and that comes with a backlight attached keypad. So, you can use it in the dark too. You’ve to secure it with a passcode, and after entering the right passcode, you’ve to twist the three-stocked handle for opening the safe.
  • If you place a wrong password or if the battery has a low amount of charge, it’ll show a warning message in the small display.

Features We Loved

  • Expandable
  • Fire and heat resistance
  • Low battery and wrong passcode warning.
  • Bolt security
  • Drill-resistant
  • Adjustable shelves

We Didn't Like

  • Not for long guns because it’s short in size.
  • Small space inside

Undoubtedly it’s not for long guns, but it doesn’t mean it has no use. If you’re looking for a shelve for keeping your small firearms, pistols, ammo and other little but expensive things, then nothing can beat this within this price range.

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Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Gun Safe

In search of something that has both durability and versatility? If it’s your necessity, then the famous brand Steelwater have something for you.

When it comes to Steelwater, the only phrase comes in my mind, and that is, the best product within the budget-friendly price range. Steelwater is known for their budget-friendly and high-quality safes. As it’s a favorite brand of the market, we’re reviewing Steelwater’s 20 long gun safe.

It’s a very budget-friendly option for the long-rifles owner. It has all the features you may need. According to the manufacturer, you can store up to 20 guns in it. However, according to our experience, it’s perfect for 15-16 average size of rifles and 10-12 big size of rifles. Sounds good, right?

So, let’s see, does the safe has impressive features or not?

Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Safe

Salient Features

  • The safe has large space inside. So now you can comfortably store your long guns inside.
  • It also has LED interior lighting system which will help you to find what’s inside.
  • The safe is fire-resistant too. As said by the manufacturer, it can survive for an hour under 1875 Fahrenheit.
  • The safe also has a fire retardant feature.
  • Its door holds a drill-resistant plate in it which protects it from strong and forceful attacks.
  • If somebody tries to break it, what’ll happen? If the burglar goes to remove the electric lock, it’ll be active nine spring bolts for locking it.
  • The electric lock is very reliable and easy to program, and it’s EMP resistant too. For the security, you’ve to give a 3-8 digit passcode.
  • You can also add shelves in the safe. However, if you personalize it with shelves, then you can’t use 15-16 guns in it. However, you’ll get lots of space for your handguns, ammo and other important things.

Features We Loved

  • Affordable
  • Spacious
  • Fire-resistance for an hours
  • Lucrative design
  • Heavy in weight
  • Made with steel
  • Available with a bypass key. (You can use it if the electric lock stops working)

We Didn't Like

  • Slow responsive customer support

If you’re looking for a safe under thousand bucks, then it’s the best option.  One more thing, it’s best for those who have less than 12 long guns in their collection.

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Steelwater Heavy Duty 22 Gun Safe

Are you looking for something that is more durable and spacious than the last one? If you’re seeking something more than the Steelwater’s 20 long gun safe, then Steelwater may have something for you.

It’s Steelwater’s Heavy Duty 22 Long gun safe. It’s the updated version of Steelwater’s long gun series, and you may already know that it’s one of the most popular long safe series of the market. So, let’s see what extra it’s offering you!

Steelwater Heavy Duty 22 Long Gun Safe

Salient Features

  • It has two combination lock feature, and it’s reliable and secure to use.
  • The safe also has an updated keypad lock which is very easy to program and use.
  • It has a ballistic resistant hard plate which helps it to protect your firearms from powerful attacks of buglers.
  • If the bugler tries to break or remove the electric locking system then for added safety it has spring loaded punched lock. So, if anyone tries to attack the safe, it’ll lock itself.
  • In the interior, it has LED light, so darkness isn’t a problem.
  • The safe can store up to 22 medium-sized long guns and 14-18 big guns. We think it’s bigger than the previous one.
  • It is fire-resistant. On the word of manufacturers, it can easily survive an hour at 1875 degree F. The doors of the safe has expandable door seal feature too.
  • Fills all the requirement of CDJ (California Department of Justice) standards.
  • It contains around 18 locking bolts, so it’s quite impossible to break.

Features We Loved

  • Higher capacity
  • Too secure
  • Expandable door seal.
  • Hard Ballistic plate.
  • Durable.
  • Lucrative outlook and interior.

We Didn't Like

  • Too heavy.
  • Requires four figure. So, not recommended for those who’re looking for a safe within thousand bucks!

If you ask us, is it recommend or not or who should get this then the only answer is, if you’re looking for something better than Steelwater 20 long gun safe then go for it. Without any doubt, the quality of it won’t disappoint you.

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Blue Dot Second Amendment Safes

Are you looking for a safe that has space for all of your rifles and accessories? If it is your concern, then Blue Dot may have a solution for you.

When it comes to the best safe brand of the market, we can’t ignore Blue Dot. In the safe and security industry, Blue Dot is doing incredibly great work. People love their safes for its outlook, user-friendliness, and versatility. For the reason, we’re reviewing Blue Dot’s second amendment safe.

The Blue Dot’s amendment safe has all the best features a safe should have. The best part is, it’s available under $1000. So, let’s see what special it has to offer us!

Blue Dot Second Amendment Safes

Salient Features

  • The Second Amendment has a four-way locking system which attracts most of the people.
  • It contains a drill-resistant plate in it, so it’s nearly impossible to break through drilling.
  • The safe has the right amount of space inside. As stated by the Blue Dot Safes, it has storage for five ammo pouches, eight gun holsters and for thirty rifles. However, it depends on the size of the rifles. It’s the best within mid-budget.
  • The safe is made with 12 gauge steel which makes it more robust and durable.
  • It can survive at 1700 Degree F for an hour which is much more than any DOJ’s requirements.
  • It has a year warranty.
  • This safe is coated with black powder color which is scratch-resistant.

Features We Loved

  • Well-made
  • Affordable
  • Lucrative design and look
  • Reliable electric lock.
  • Drill resistant.
  • Spacious and easy to organize.
  • Keypad locking system works great.

We Didn't Like

  • Heavy in weight
  • No backup key

Usually, Blue Dot Safes never disappoint their customer with the quality. So, consider it as an option if your budget is under thousand bucks. You won’t regret.

Get Yours Now @ Amazon



Steelwater 39 Gun Safe

Are you in the hunt for a dedicated, more spacious and secure? If this question tells your story, then we’ve something for making a happy ending.

It’s Steelwater’s 39 long gun safe. At first, don’t get butt-hurt after seeing another review of Steelwater’s review. Honestly speaking, we can’t help it. It because they made the world-class products within affordable price and they’re the most famous series of the market. People love to use their product so do we! We hope it’s clear now! So, let’s get back to the review.

Now, Steelwater 39 is the most significant gun safe of the installment. It has a ton of features that can serve a big collection of the long arm. So, without wasting more time, let’s check what it’s offering!

Steelwater 39 long gun Safe

Salient Features

  • The safe has huge space inside even it’s the largest safe of our list. You can easily keep 39 long and big rifles.
  • The safe can easily save all your gun and essential things for two hours at 1875 degree Fahrenheit. Now you can see, why it’s greater than other safes.
  • It’s made with 9 gauge steel and four layers of fire-board.
  • The safe door holds a solid steel plate (Even the entire body does too) that is almost impossible to drill. That’s why it’s impossible to drill it.
  • Like other safes, it also has expandable door seals but more powerful and durable than others.
  • If any burglar tries to remove the lock, it’ll lock all the spring loaded bolts.
  • It also comes with full and half shelves which makes it more lucrative and organized.
  • It beats all DOJ’s requirement through its high configuration.

Features We Loved

  • Advanced locking bolts (made with durable steel)
  • Huge capacity inside
  • Well-made
  • Fireproof for 120 minutes
  • Drill resistant
  • Too secure. Almost impossible to destroy.
  • Gear driven lock system.
  • Anchoring floor
  • Long-lasting

We Didn't Like

  • Quite Expensive
  • You can’t set the combination code. You need a technician or Steelwater to do it.

If you have too many expensive guns and you badly need a high-end safe to protect it, then nothing can beat this beast.

Get Yours Now @ Amazon




Do you want something mysterious? With mysterious, I meant ‘controversial’. For playing safe, we always deny getting controversial products. However, sometimes controversial products give the best result.

We’re talking about BIGHORN’s 19ECB gun safe. It’s one of the most controversial safes of the market. Some people say, it worth the money and some says it not! Although we have a great experience with it. For breaking the controversy, let’s see what it has for us!

Salient Features

  • The 19ECB is made with durable 1.5 inches thick and 12-gauge steel. Almost all the best and durable safes are made with 12-gauge steel, so undoubtedly it’s one of them. It makes it drill and hacking resistant.
  • It has eight door bolt of one inch which makes it more secure than others.
  • This lock has four shelves in it. Besides long gun, you can also keep all other vital things, ammo, and the pistol in it.
  • The safe is fire-resistant, and that’s why it can last at 1200 degree Fahrenheit for thirty minutes.
  • We kept 16 big-sized rifles in it. So, it’s spacious too.

Features We Loved

  • Well-made
  • Value for the money
  • Spacious
  • Shelves for pistol and other small weapons.
  • Fire-resistant
  • Removable door
  • Stylish looking

We Didn't Like

  • No backup keys. So, if you forget the passcode, you can’t access into it.
  • It’s bulky.

Now, you know everything about it. Now it’s your call to make. Just think, does it worth your money or not?

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Liberty Safe & Security Fat Boy Junior Gun Safe

Are you seeking for something that is powerful, big and easy to use? If it’s your requirement, then Liberty may have something for you.

It is Liberty’s Fat boy junior, one of the most spacious safes of our picks. It amazed us with its excellent build quality, heavy duty body, security issues and etc.

Feeling excited? Then just jump into it!

Salient Features

  • Undoubtedly it has a really huge interior. As stated by the company, you can easily store 48 big rifles in it.
  • It is fire-resistant. The safe will protect your guns and other documents for 60 mins at 1200 degree Fahrenheit.
  • The safe is made with 11 gauge steel. For a reason, it’s durable and long-lasting but heavy too.
  • It holds a triple case toughened steel plate which makes it drill-resistant.
  • The safe also comes with heat expanding seal feature. The seal increases the weight around seven times in fire (212 degrees F).
  • It has 12 bolts all around the safe. So, it’s unbreakable from all sides.
  • It’s customizable. It means you can choose the color of the interior, lock type (mechanical or digital), monitoring system, storage for pistol and etc.
  • The safe is available with the lifetime warranty and replacement.

Features We Loved

  • Highly secured.
  • Customizable.
  • Sufficient storage.
  • Award-winning.
  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • Heat expanding seal.
  • Fire insulating material.
  • Fire-resistant.
  • Impossible to break.

We Didn't Like

  • Expensive.

Liberty is a well-known brand for their updated and promising products and Fat boy junior is one of the best gun safe of the market. So, if you need a big safe for your expensive guns and rifles, then it’s highly recommended for you.

Get Yours Now @ Amazon



Things to consider before getting a Long Gun Safe

If you want to win the deal while buying a gun safe, there is some point you’ve to consider. If you consider all these facts, then you’ll get the best product! So, the points are-

Gun Capacity

Long Gun SafeAlways consider how many do you have and how many you want to buy, it’ll help you in the long run. Don’t go for those safes that can’t store more than ten guns. Also, consider if it has additional shelves and other components.


Safe’s construction quality is a big issue. Most of the safes are made of steel, but we got confused with the gauge. However, if it’s durable, then the measure doesn’t matter.


Always go for fire resistant safes and prefer safes that have long-time stability in fire and higher temperature.


Make your budget after considering how many guns you’ve and how many features do you need! After that, make your budget and get the best option within it.

The lock

The lock is an essential thing. There is three kinds of locks are available (digital keypad, mechanical and biometric). Choose the type of lock you’re comfortable with and don’t go for something fancy.


When it comes to a gun safe, weight matters a lot. If you get a light-weight safe, then the burglar will carry it with him, and if you get a slightly heavier one, then it’s tough to change the place of it. So, go for something, that isn’t too low or too heavy.


Always go for those long gun safes which are medium in size. Also consider the inner depth, height, and width.

Before getting a gun safe, consider all these facts, and you’ll get the best one for you. Our guarantee!



Now, you know how important a gun safe is! So, don’t waste your time, just get the best long gun safe for the money for you from our picks and secure your guns. Also, don’t go everywhere with your gun, keep it in your safe and be an ideal citizen. Cheers!

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