Compound Bow Stabilizer Setup [You Must Know It]


Do you own a compound bow? Are you thinking about stabilizing your bow? You might be here for the same reason but aren’t sure how to get started with the compound bow stabilizer setup. Stabilizing a compound bow might seem like a tough task, but it certainly isn’t if you do everything in the right away.

If you are thinking about stabilizing a compound bow, you might be well aware of the benefits of using a stabilizer. If you aren’t, we will also talk about it when you keep going throughout this guide. The thing we will be telling you in this guide is all about compound bow stabilizer setup. By the end of this guide, you will also find out some tips on how to buy the perfect stabilizer.

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What Is A Compound Bow Stabilizer?

Compound bow stabilizer is just a simple equipment consisting of a screw mount, the stabilizer body part, noise dampening material, and a weight. It is mounted to the back of the riser by screwing it into a threaded accessory hole in your bow which lies just under the grip.

The noise dampening material in the stabilizer helps you to reduce the vibrations produced after firing a shot with your compound bow. However, it isn’t the only thing that the stabilizer does. In fact, noise dampening isn’t the most important use of a stabilizer. It also helps in the improvement of the accuracy of your bow.

Why is it used?

As mentioned above, compound bow stabilizer is used for the improvement of the accuracy of shots produced by your bow. Here are some of the major reasons why it is used:

  • It is able to dampen the level of vibrations produced when you fire a shot with your compound bow with the help of its in-built noise dampening system.
  • It can resist the torque that can be found when you’ve released your bowstring.
  • With the help of a stabilizer, you will be able to aim at the target with improved stability.
  • It also helps you to relax the bow properly.
  • Stabilizer helps to improve the accuracy of your shots.
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Compound Bow Stabilizer Setup

Compound Bow Stabilizer SetupNow that you know about the compound bow stabilizer, you might have already got one as well. So now, you are ready to get started with the setting up process of your compound bow stabilizer. We will be letting you know everything you need to do set up a compound bow stabilizer below.

How To Get Started

The first thing you need to do is to set up your compound bow in the way you normally do before shooting. The sight needs to be on and a quiver needs to be seated on your bow. The arrow rest needs to be in a proper place.

When you are sure about all these things, you need to make sure you have a relaxed bow hand, otherwise, the next steps won’t work for you. You shouldn’t have a death grip on your bow since you will be controlling it and the stabilizers won’t operate.

So..Then What?

Now, you need to pick up your bow and stay in the shooting position without drawing it back. You need to pay attention to every motion of the bow, whether it leans to the side, falls forward or tilts back. These things surely will be the necessary aspects to look for before setting up your stabilizers.

With a 25″ front rod, you might not need so much front weight since it might hold more level from front to back. Also, you may not need a long bar, in this case, depending on how you are shooting. But, when you get another front rod of 32″ inches, the bow might tilt back in your hand and move over 180 degrees when you leave it. In such cases, you need to add up some weight on the front.


How To Attach Bow Stabilizers

When you have set up your bow properly and taken proper actions toward its motion, you are now ready to place the stabilizers on your compound bow. It is highly recommended for you to get around 2 compound bow stabilizers, the first one can be a long front rod and the next one can be a short side bar. You can also get a V-bar setup. With this, you will be able to balance your scope bubble and the energy from your bow can be properly stabilized after firing a shot with your bow.

Side Rod

You can begin with the side rod level using the front rod. Also, you can properly seat your side rod to the bottom of the riser if there’s a mount towards it. Doing this will certainly help you in separating every plane where your rods are operating. This will also pull out more torque from your shots in case anything wrong happens.

Pull off & Put Weight To Adjust

When you have properly connected your stabilizers, you might want to pull off all the weight from the stabilizers. Then, you can again hold your bow in the shooting position to determine its reaction. If you want your compound bow to hold the level front to back and side to side in your hand, you might want to put some more weight. You can start out with the severe angle location.

While we were performing our research, we had left the side rod with no extra weight. We added up some weight on the front at the beginning so that the bow can level in that way. The next thing we did was adding some weight to the side bar. This ensured that the bubble can level side to side. If you do things in this way, your bow might lean back a lot. In such cases, you might want to insert some more weight on the front so that the bow can be stabilized.


The Final Adjustments (Optional)

When you have properly taken actions as mentioned above, you might have successfully setup the stabilizers on your compound bow. With that being done, you can try out throwing a shot with your bow to see how it reacts. You can also try holding your bow at full draw without any forces being put into it. Later on try out some fine tuning processes with all the weight and angles. While doing this, you need to pay attention to the way your bow reacts. In that way, you can perform the necessary adjustments after the arrow gets fired from your bow and reaches the target point.

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Does Stabilizer Varies Based On Bow Purpose?

Every stabilizer is designed in such a way that they can improve the accuracy of your shots, dampen the noise and resist the torque. Taking this mind, you can use any stabilizers for any purposes. It doesn’t really matter on what stabilizer you use for what purpose such as target shooting, hunting or bowfishing.

But, all these purposes are totally different and type of compound bow you can use for each purpose also differs. This is the reason why several manufacturers have designed different stabilizers for each purpose. For example, getting a bowfishing stabilizer can work the best for attaching with your compound bow suitable for bowfishing. On the other hand, target stabilizers could be your top priority if you are using a compound bow that is mainly designed for target shooting competitions.

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How to Buy a Stabilizer for Compound Bow?

Choosing the best stabilizer for your compound can be difficult. However, it won’t be so much difficult if you are well-known about several features of a compound bow stabilizer. Here are some tips that can help you to choose a stabilizer for buying for a compound bow:

  • You need to look for a stabilizer suitable with the size of your compound bow.
  • If you are planning to go for target shooting, there are several target stabilizers which might work best for you. This isn’t just for target shooting, you can get a stabilizer designed for a specific purpose if you are planning to use your bow for that purpose.
  • Getting a long stabilizer can help you in many cases to result in more accurate shots.
  • Long stabilizers also consume more energy than the shorter ones.

So, should we only choose short stabilizer in that case?

  • You shouldn’t go for a short stabilizer if they just offer better noise dampening performance, but not an improved accuracy.
  • It doesn’t matter how long stabilizer you buy. The only thing you need to do is to go for the stabilizer with which you can get a proper feel of where the most weight is located.
  • If you are going to use your bow in a smaller area, it is better to get a shorter stabilizer.
  • You shouldn’t go for the stabilizers having a larger area. This can result in an unstable shooting performance during the windy conditions. It is better to go for those with open grooves allowing some air to pass through it.
  • If you want to record your archery session, there are some stabilizers featuring a camera.



Probably you used to think of setting up a compound bow stabilizer is overwhelming. With the completion of this guide, your thoughts might have changed. Yes, setting up a compound bow stabilizer can be far easier if you know how exactly it can be done properly.

Now that you’ve reached the end of this guide, you have also found out some tips to choose the best stabilizer for a compound bow. So, you might be ready to get one for yourself to get started with the setup process. While looking for the best stabilizer, we highly recommend you to go for the one that offers improved accuracy and can work well in any situation.

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